Meeting Aries-Libra Descendant

Aries Ascendant - Libra Descendant

This is the impulsive persona, becoming the assertive persona, who is developing the diplomat.

This person is instinctively; forthright, competitive, blunt, an initiator.

The Descendant asks this person to integrate peace into that assertiveness, to incorporate co-operation into competitiveness, to accept social harmony as a tool for action, and to fully actualise into a leader of integration.

Libra Ascendant - Aries Descendant

This is the indecisive persona, becoming the co-operative persona, who is developing the pioneer.

This person is instinctively; other-orientated, relationship focused, appreciative, a peace-maker.

The Descendant asks this person to integrate assertiveness into that co-operation, to incorporate a sense of Self as an aspect of partnership, to invite courage alongside appreciating, and to fully actualise into a self-reliant diplomat.

When the Aries Asc person is not whole, they often view Libran characteristics as frustrating. Likewise, the Libran Asc can view Aries characteristics as a great nuisance. Subsequently, each will attract, and be attracted to, people who express those very qualities.*

This can play out by meeting someone we're consciously attracted to for various reasons, only to find clashes later, and those clashes often bring out the once hidden qualities in the other person. Those qualities were always there, but we were blind to them.

It can also play out by attracting people to us unconsciously, and clashing instantly.

So a Aries/Libran Ascendant will be attracted to another person who is also dynamic and instigators, like they are. There is chemistry between them and there are many shared interests. Over time, Aries Asc begins to find the other person wishy-washy, passive-aggressive, indecisive, ineffectual, too submissive, unadventurous, and lazy. Libra Asc begins to find the other person brash, careless, impatient, selfish, childish, pushy, and inconsiderate.

What each sign can get out of the failing or failed relationship, is...

what the other person represented.

A non-evolved Aries is a petty tyrant. They often want to do things their way for no logical reason whatsoever. They can grow by learning to take other people's needs into consideration. By learning that standing up for oneself is not the same as stampeding over others.

A non-evolved Libra is passive-aggressive. They choose peace on the surface, but seethe inside. They can grow by understanding that being tactfully honest can enhance a relationship. That one needn't give up a strong individual identity for the sake of a relationship.

Each Ascendant is brought face-to-face, literally, with these issues. When the opposite qualities enter our lives in the form of another person, our buttons are pushed. We are triggered and we react with anger, frustration, irritability, criticism, or superiority.

An emotional reaction to another person
is a sure sign that the universe
is offering us a place of awareness.

I would enjoy hearing if you or someone you know have these Ascendants and how they have played out in your lives.

* It doesn't mean you attract a person with the actual opposite Ascendant. It's about attracting the qualities. It does often happen though, that, if you're an Aries Asc, for example, the other person has a personal planet in Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Asc). But anyone who seems to have Libran qualities will trigger you.

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  1. Thank you. Once again, your timing is incredible. I'm slowly recovering from splitting up with my ex after 7 years, which were very challenging for many reasons. He's an Aries, I'm a Libra. There's so much pain in me still as I'm trying to make sense of what happened, what went wrong. Bit by bit I'm realising that relationship was really 'necessary' for us both, for us to grow, albeit away from one another, but more into ourselves. This posts comforts me.

    Love, E.

    1. thank you for taking the time to say so. comments like yours keep me posting.

      i also found my marriage to be one of my biggest tests and lessons.

  2. Hey, is this the same Monica B that has the Ayurveda site? Glad to have come across your site, bookmarking for later reading.

  3. Hi Monica,
    Beautful site : )

    Isla x

    1. welcome Isla, I hope you find comfort and insight here.

  4. Hey.

    It is interesting that you have published this article since this has been one of the very interesting parts of astrology for me. These exact combinations. It seems almost as though this web page talks exactly to me in a lot of ways.

    I like considering your perspective. My Aries ascendant gives me a determined and focused decision making, and quite possibly a rebellious streak; while Libra ascendants seem to have a warm, but somewhat unfocused and even scatty decision making, sometimes involving envy as Venus does rule Libra, though I'm careful with rulerships.

    I have a planet in my descendant which seems to throw off and confuse most calculations in this area, I'm still not quite sure how but have noticed a kind of 'dissolving of boundaries'.