Tangible Intentions (Capricorn New Moon)

Never mind January 1st for setting resolutions. If you want some universal oomph behind pragmatic hopes for the year ahead, this New Moon is your mountain from which to plant your feet and shout out your intentions.

The Goat will be your support towards solid achievements that will actually flourish within boundaries.

For some of us, this not only seems a contradiction, but sounds quite frightening. However, no matter how enticing, infinite freedom can be the worst scenario for our creativity or success. When we work within certain lines, we can find a laser penetration into our truth, into the authentic need.

With Pluto hanging nearby, uncovering the deep soulful urge behind our intentions is paramount.

Although many people see all New Moons as perfect for new projects, I feel that it really depends upon the Moon sign and other aspects.

This Capricorn energy (5 planet stellium!) says to me - strengthen what already exists.

only Ballpoint Pen on Paper 53.5 x 44cm
Boo Saville

This New Moon*, ask...

What if I were forced to par down, simplify, cut my time, restrict my workspace, narrow my options, reduce my materials, bring in nothing new....

what could I produce?
what could I manifest?
what could I become?
Can I discriminate between the wrong restrictions and the right boundaries?
What, that already exists, needs rearranging, redefining, or transforming?
Who needs to hear about my deep intentions?
What is better kept close to my heart?

This New Moon will take seed in my 9th House, a great time to set real goals for my studies. On a deeper soul level, I've been experiencing the need to blossom my most authentic creative desires, releasing the wrong restrictions (what will sell? is this real art? am I wasting?) and working within beautifully self-made boundaries.
I also have Lilith going over my Asc and this is a clear warning to not abandon the old for the new, as the desire to do so will be strong. Don't I know it!

* Exact: 7:43pm (GMT) | 11:44am (PST), 11th Jan


  1. ooooooh! brilliant as always...

    i'm positively salivating over this..so very timely and strangely coinciding with thoughts i've already been thinking.

    despite having thought it would be so very Ideal, absolute freedom would utterly hamstring me...so i'm happily setting structure and boundaries and reaping the harvest of productivity...:)

    ridin' the Goat off into the sunset...


  2. Frightening indeed..."infinite freedom can be the worst scenario for our creativity or success." I do know this, and meditating on what my deep soulful urge is, other than to just be creative, is something I need. I have new things that I have started exploring, but it's too soon to know if they will confuse or pave way for soulful intentions. I hope intuitively I can recognize the difference and let what needs to fall away, fall away....

    I love your questions to yourself Mon, and they are ones that I certainly can benefit from...

  3. ~mon...i am so happy you shared this over at ink+chai...otherwise i would have missed this place...this post...i needed this...i need to absorb such information above and challenge myself with the questioned you asked of yourself...maybe i shall create a moon journal and dive deeper into myself {if you don't mind}...may you blossom...unravel and unfurl in the most delicate of ways~

  4. love the new diggs over here Mon...great space for more of your perpetual wisdom. I have been doing so much "inner work" lately, this is all resonating with me so very strongly. Boundaries...I've set them, drew my line in the sand and that seems to have sent certain people into a tailspin- I've released so many negative and dark people from my life over the past year that the positive changes in my life are are blowing my mind. I echo brandi's words of creating a moon journal.
    thanks for this new space Mon...I shall visit often.