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In my experience, the Semi-Sextile is not a 'weak' Sextile. It's also neither a soft/harmonious or hard/disharmonious aspect. Likewise, claiming that it's a 'lesser' Sextile is like saying a child is a lesser adult, completely unhelpful.

Many astrology students reasonably suggest that as the two planets are in signs with nothing in common, it makes sense that they do not 'get along'. However, their position as neighbours is a vital relationship. Also keep in mind that planets are neutral to each other, and all points need to be considered to discover how they will work together.

When I think of the Semi-Sextile I think of the neighbour relationship.
Neighbours are in our immediate environment.
We can't really avoid them - we still hear them or have to deal with their dog barking at night.
We often make a point of getting along, whatever we might think of them.
They come to our parties by default.
Our children are friends by proximity.
It's a default relationship no matter how unlike we may be.

Two neighbouring Semi-Sextile planets are part of our immediate character.

While they don't share Element, Modality, or Polarity, they are in a relationship of immediate development - one immediately preceding/following the other. At the very least, (if this cyclic approach doesn't gel with your idea of a static natal chart) it's a relationship of immediate proximity/contact.

The most important point about the Semi-Sextile is that it's a seed, an innate potential. It could be seen as karmically working it's way toward the Sextile and then Trine. However you choose to view it, it's a starting point that is readily experienced in our lives.

What can be challenging about this aspect is that two very different styles of functioning are involved. There is friction and stress - but both these words need to be properly understood.

What is easy about this aspect is that it lies in our conscious minds (unlike Chironic wounds for example), and with self-awareness, it's readily accessed for further growth.

Seed Card, Linnea Vedder Shults


Susan M
Jupiter in Scorpio 7thH Semi-Sextile Uranus in Libra 6thH.

Susan is easily drawn to intense, meaningful, and passionate relationships. She seeks to be of use in instigating transformation and is unafraid of unorthodox methods.

At best, her ability to see people's potential and her enthusiasm to be of help, is a profound asset to all her relationships, including those in her career. She is able to adopt a generously relaxed attitude and a truly open-minded perspective, allowing everyone their personal truth. She walks her talk and thereby offers transformation by osmosis

At worst, she believes that she can be the agent for change and directly transform the other person into the best person they can be by her efforts. She tends to refuse to see the reality of a failing relationship because she is determined, blindly faithful, or gullible, believing that everything will turn out fine. She may subconsciously choose the chaos of volatile relationships to get her fix for transformative work, in herself or others.

The wonderful point here is that Susan has the potential power to bring out that infinite transformation in herself and others.

It will best occur when she can deal with her tendency to approach others too intensely, self-righteously, or dogmatically, as well as her tendency to choose to remain ignorant of a failing relationship. In other words, she needs to detach enough to see people for who they are rather than for who she believes they could be.

Her personal relationships will benefit from a foundation of mutual respect and love, rather than a guru-disciple imbalance - empowering others rather than controlling them.

The Semi-Sextile as a seed, means that we normally begin at the level of fumbling child who can learn the better expression of the aspect. This easily accessible personality-work, opens up an avenue to deeper soul-work with Chrion, Pluto, Square aspects, and the other truly challenging points.

Semi-sextile points from others (in agreement):

Arroyo, S. - persistent, constantly interacting.
Meyer, M. - initial emergence of self-awareness
Hone, M.E. - slightly stressful

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